Media Planning/Buying

Stop me if you’ve said this before… “I’m spending too much in advertising and it’s not bringing me enough customers.”  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many advertisers waste money and I’m sure “wasting money” wasn’t in the business plan.  Not to worry, we have a solution to your spending woes.  Whether we are buying television, radio, digital, outdoor or print, we use a combination of NUMBERS & KNOWLEDGE to deploy the right plan for our clients.  We don’t rely exclusively on ratings or statistics but use our years of experience coupled with real-time data to make decisions that will cut out the waste in your media plan.


  • Broadcast, cable, and connected TV buying
  • Local and network radio buying
  • Outdoor buying and research
  • Negotiation
  • Print (trade, magazines, newspapers)
  • Market research
  • Ratings and program analysis
  • Budget management
  • Customized multi-media planning
  • Post buy analysis

There are three major pillars that support a successful advertising campaign and they are creative that resonates with the target audience, a desirable product or service and a well planned and executed media strategy.  Our team will help you define your target audience and put your message in front of them with the right frequency to inspire action and meet your goals.

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